Cards for all seasons with Basic Invite

10:05:00 PM

Hello My Lovely Fashionistas!

The holidays are just around the corner and the Christmas music will be playing as soon as ghosts and ghouls return to their post-Halloween hibernation.

While it might seem old fashioned in today's hyperconnected world, nothing says I care like a good 'ole Christmas card coming through the mail. But the cards at Basic Invite aren't your mother's Christmas cards; instead they're fully customizable through the company's web-based photo upload and editing tools.

Unlike many card websites that only let you change the text of the card, Basic Invite's software lets you change the text, fonts, and even colors or every element. It's a really cool way to show your personality through the cards without having to spend half the holiday season learning how to work Photoshop...

And hey – if you're looking particularly fabulous, why be boring and brag it up on Instagram? Making your friends jealous on a Christmas card is just so much more wholesome ;)

Also, don't forget to snag a great deal, ladies: holiday cards are 30% off all season long, with the code HOLI30

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Stay gorgeous & stay curious!


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