Foreo LUNA vs. Clarisonic PLUS

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Foreo LUNA™ for Sensitive/Normal Skin

Suggested Usage:
-Use for two minutes twice daily with any cleanser, with the exception of clay-based, silicone-based, or grainy cleansers, exfoliators, or scrubs. 
-To use, turn on, apply cleanser, wet brush surface, and cleanse face and rinse. 
-After, apply the antiaging surface to wrinkle-prone areas. 

-Anyone who suffers from a serious skin condition should consult their dermatologist before using the LUNA. 
-Clay-based, silicone-based, or grainy cleansers, exfoliators, or scrubs should be avoided, as they may harm the LUNA's soft silicone touch-points.


I have to say, the cleaning function is weak...I did not feel it could remove the makeup well on my face. The benefits it beats 
Clarisonic is that you never need to worry the brush head change, and the battery issue. 

The antiaging function is vibrating. I used it around my eye areas, and temples (the side of the head behind the eyes) that make me feel relaxed. I will keep it because of this function. The price is $199 and I think it's a little bit overprice. 


1) Two functions: clean and antiaging
2) Every time you charge, the battery will last very long
3) You never need to change the brush head
4) Easy to carry
5) It can use every day


It does not clean as good as Clarisonic

Clarisonic Plus Skin Cleansing System

It can clean my face well. I think it's the best cleaning brush on the market so far. But this is my third one, since the battery of the first one and the second one did not work after using a few months... At first I bought Clarisonic PLUS instead of Clarisonic Mia 1 or 2, because I want to use the Clarisonic Plus on my body to exfoliate. If you just want it to clean your face, 
Clarisonic Mia 1 or 2 is totally enough for you, with a smaller size. If you want to consider body exfoliate also, Clarisonic PLUS is a good choice. 


1) Clean well, deeply clean my face.
2) It can be used as a exfoliating tool.
3) Two functions: face clean and body exfoliator. The devices designed for the face, body and feet. (But you need to change the body brush head for body use.)
4) 3 speeds.


1) My first and second Clarisonic PLUS stop working after a few month used. It seems like the customers complain the battery a lot. Also, batteries don't get better, they get worse.
2) When cleaned weekly, a brush head lasts three months, so change your brush heads every 3-4 months with new ones.
3) If you keep your Clarisonic in the shower, it can get moldy
4) DON'T use more than 3x a week if your skin is sensitive. Unless your skin is very tough, you should not use the Clarisonic twice a day.
5) Clean it frequently with antibacterial soap or alcohol.

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