Dior 'Colour Icons - 3 Couleurs' Smoky Eye Palette, Smoky Gold 531

7:53:00 AM

With a variation of effects and textures, the Dior eyeshadow trio provides you with the tools necessary to create infinite easy, custom-made smoky eyes. The unique case slides open to reveal soft shimmering eyeshadows ranging from an ultra-smooth base to matte and iridescent hues and even houses a pop-up mirror. It’s everything you need for a custom look that ranges from a simple smoky eye to the most glamorous of couture designs.

 Dior这个设计是将盒子滑开, 而不是打开的. 我当时不知道, 硬是要将它的"盖子"打开...

Dior2014秋季刚出的新色-Smoky Gold 531。里面的颜色都是很温柔的打底色,尤其是其中的金色,闪亮的很美,打眼头很好看!!! 店里网上一下子就卖光了。
 What amazing gold shadows!

Three Colors: 

1. Base - Nude Beige
2. Soft Smoky - Soft Gold
3. Couture Smoky - Shiny Gold

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