Formula X The Twenty‑Two for Sephora Collection

9:05:00 PM

22 nail polishes for $27.5 at sephora!!! What a steal! 

 The Twenty Two shades include:

  • Racy (metallic lavender)
  • Rocket Fuel (metallic graphite gray green)
  • Vroom (metallic rose gold)
  • Wham! (white confetti)
  • Infatuated (opaque powder blue)
  • Unmistakable (opaque light jade)
  • Brazen (opaque light pink)
  • Indelible (opaque violet)
  • Thrilling (opaque heather grey)
  • Turbulent (light turquoise and black confetti)
  • Radioactive (electric bright green)
  • Zap (electric limoncello)
  • Haphazard (electric purple)
  • Eureka (opaque hot pink)
  • Omni (opaque beach ball blue)
  • Bionic (light lime green and black confetti)
  • Dark Matter (opaque patent leather black)
  • Extraordinary (opaque blue grey)
  • Flashy (opaque classic red)
  • Need For Speed (metallic silver)
  • White Matter (opaque bright white)
  • Meteoric (black and white confetti with rainbow micro sparkles)

Here are my nails: 

Here are nail Polish swatches online: 

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