DIY Red Carpet Manicure Gel Polish and Tutorial

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This nail polish turned out beautiful and looked great and shiny. It is like a Salon Quality Manicure at home! It can last for a few months. I get compliments from my friends from the day I put it on. This kit is totally worth the money!

The kit is about $40 on drugstore after discount. The details are as follows,

The Kit Contents:
Professional LED Light - LED gel-curing light (AC power cord adapter included)
Prep - Max adhesion prep
Structure - Base Coat Gel
Brilliance - Seal & shine top coat gel
Revitalize - Nourishing cuticle oil
Purify - Pre & post application cleanser
Erase - Gel nail polish remover
RCM instructions card

All of the tools for a Red Carpet - ready gel manicure. Professional LED light - LED curing of accessories and color for a gel manicure in minutes.

The RCM Gel Polish Pro Kit contains everything you need for a professional salon gel manicure in the comfort of your home. Our RCM Professional LED Light is especially designed to efficiently cure RCM Structure, LED Gel Polish and Brilliance in seconds. The Red Carpet - ready manicure will last weeks of long wear and shine.

Recommended curing times are per layer. The surface will remain tacky until the final cure of RCM Brilliance and cleansing of the nails. For true color, apply 2-3 coats

The instruction is simple:

  1. Apply Structure-Base Coat Gel, and then Professional LED light - 30 Sec
  2. Apply Color-LED Gel Polish, and then Professional LED light - 45 Sec
  3. Apply Brilliance-Top Coat Gel, and then Professional LED light - 45 Sec

After I applied Structure(base coat gel) and LED light 30 second, you can see the nails become so shiny!

Use Professional LED light:

Final Result:

After two weeks, the nail polish is still great!

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