Longchamp Tote, Part 2

1:10:00 AM

I love Longchamp handbags because it feels like they're as light as a feather! At first, I tried some fancy and heavy handbags – and yes, they did look good – but later, with my weary shoulders, I turned to the Longchamp tote! I can fit everything I need in it, and it's so comfortable to carry! I love Longchamp! They also have beautiful colors and great leather!

If you are interested in more information, please check Longchamp Tote, Part 1

1) Longchamp 'Funtaisy' Tote, Carmine

Longchamp 'Funtaisy' Tote, Carmine

2) Longchamp 'LM Cuir - Medium' Leather Tote, Carmine

It has a beautiful red color and great leather!
Longchamp 'LM Cuir - Medium' Leather Tote,Carmine

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