Review: My Favorite Skincare Brand - La Prairie!

3:58:00 PM


The best cream that I have used so far, is La Prairie Skin Caviar Luxe Cream. I love this cream so much!

After you try this cream, you may not be able to go back to your old moisturizer. It is very expensive, but amazing! I personally like its smell, texture, and the result!

Every time I use this cream, I feel a drastic improvement in my skin. It is the best anti-aging cream I have ever used so far. I use it at night, and the next day my skin looks radiant, while feeling noticeably soft, silky and smooth. The skin pores are almost invisible. I cannot help admiring my face in front of the mirror all the time after using this product. It's a miracle cream!


Strengths: It is very useful and effective for any type of skin. After I use it, my skin feels replenished and refreshed. I've never felt any skincare have this dramatic of an effect immediately, except La Prairie!

Weaknesses: Very expensive!!!

Even their makeup is pretty good too, especially foundation!

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