Dariya Palty Hair Color Dye

3:48:00 AM

It's so simple and easy to use Palty hair dye, and here is a rough guideline.

1. Don’t wash your hair beforehand, the chemicals are harsh so you want your hair to have its natural oils in it to protect the hair follicles from being overly damaged.

2. Put your gloves on and wrap a towel around your shoulders

3. Squeeze the all hair color into the mixing bottle and make sure its screwed on tight before shaking the bottle. And then shake it. 

Before Shaking:

After Shaking:

4. Then apply on to hair by switching over to the dye comb.

5. When whole head is fully covered with dye then just use cloth to wipe the areas around face if any dye managed to get on to your skin

6. Wrap your hair up and use a shower cap

7. Wait about 20-40 minutes (I usually wait slightly longer than it says so the color comes out stronger)

8. Wash it all out using water, then apply the conditioner provided

9. Dry and you're all done!


- It's easy and simple to use
-The packaging is pretty and gives you anything you need
- Price is not too bad – around $12 (Amazon)

Negatives :
-It made my hair dry after using it

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