My Favorite Sun Cream

5:17:00 AM


I've tried a lot of sun creams since I went to the US. The sun creams here cannot prevent you from getting dark, because, unlike my home country, Americans often like tanned skin. In contrast, I prefer making my skin whiter. 

So after I tried a lot of creams, I found that I particularly love Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Cream For Face, SPF 50+ (pictured below). I like the Shiseido white one also, but it has a lower SPF. 

I never get sunburned or tanned when I use this sunscreen. It also makes my face a little whiter. I even do not need any foundation when I use it. It also works well under foundation, giving you a natural and pretty look, while keeping foundation lasting longer.

I highly recommend this product to anyone who does not care about tanning, but if you do want to get a tan, this may not be a suitable product for you.

For body sun creams, I typically use Aveeno or Neutrogena's creams, and I use at least SPF 50 on my body. If I can get a baby sun cream, I will get it. Baby products have less chemicals and will be more suitable for sensitive skin. It seems better than the normal products for me. 

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