SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

11:15:00 PM

My skin feels fresh and radiant right after I apply it on the face.  The smell is a little weird, but I am ok about it. After a week use, I feel my skin looks like soaked in moisture and nutrients, supple and soft, but I do not see any other improvements. Some people suggest we use skii cream/lotion after applying skii facial treatment essence, which will offer our skin the best result.  I never use skii cream, so I am not sure about it. I will keep trying this essence with creams in other brands and see if it is worth the money. 

Here are suggested usage:

-Sprinkle a teaspoon amount into the palms of the hands.
-Press into the skin gently, making sure the essence is being soaked all over the face and neck.
-Use twice daily.
-Use Facial Treatment Clear Lotion in adjacent to Facial Treatment Essence for even better results.

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