My Favorite Body Lotion - St. Ives and Cetaphil Lotions

3:30:00 AM

These two are my favorite body lotions. My skin is pretty dry so I need a lotion to keep my skin soft and moisturized as long as it can. I like to put lotion on my body after showers and expect it will last the whole day. I tried a lot of other lotions, such as Vaseline, Olay, and Aveeno, but they were not thick enough for me.

These St. Ives and Cetaphil lotions, however, didn't have too much grease, and were absorbed quickly. They are nice and thick moisturizers, which last for a long time. Intensive healing is my favorite lotion in the entire St. Ives line.

Personally, I would use Cetaphil lotion in the winter or fall, and St. Ives intensive healing in the summer and spring, since Cetaphil is a thicker lotion.

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