Review - Maybelline Baby Lips Dr Rescue Lip Balm

2:57:00 PM

I bought these lip balms recently and I love them!!! They are thicker than the original Baby Lips, and also the color is not as pigmented as the original ones. It gives my lips a very smooth texture and tint color. The colors are pretty natural looking on my face. However, the color cannot last as compared to regular lipstick. It has a lot of colors, and although I currently love the pink and red colors the most, I think I'll buy all of them, to give my lips a touch of different pretty colors. :)

I don't like the original Baby Lips's taste -- there's too much of a fruity taste. The new ones are much better though, and I also like them because they moisturize well and I can feel they last on my lips for a long time. The new Baby Lips have more of a medicinal scent, which is similar to the Carmex original scent. I highly recommend the new version of Baby Lips, especially if you have chapped and dry lips.

Maybelline Baby Lips Dr Rescue Lip Balm
Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm with SPF 20.  (Quenched, Peppermint, Cherry Me, Pink Punch, Grape Vine, and Peach Kiss)

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