Laura Geller Eye Rimz Collection vs MAC Mineralize Eyeshadow

3:13:00 PM

Violet Voodoo: an iridescent swirl of vibrant purple and kohl
Firewater: an intense turquoise shimmer with swirls of black & white
Rich Rust: a metallic burnt sienna with swirls of kohl
Supernatural Smoke: a dark gunmetal gray

From let to right:  Firewater, Rich Rust, Supernatural Smoke, Violet Voodoo

From let to right:  Firewater, Rich Rust, Supernatural Smoke, Violet Voodoo


 Rich Rust

Supernatural Smoke

Violet Voodoo

MAC gilt by association mineralize eyeshadow
 From let to rightMAC gilt by association,Violet Voodoo,Supernatural Smoke, Rich RustFirewater 

All of them are so gorgeous . They have a black base with a semi matte/satin finish with micro-fine glitter. When I use one of these eyeshadows can create simple, yet smoky eyes. They are darker and richer when you wear it than you see in the container. Also, the pigmentation isn't super dark when using it dry but the eyeshadow is much more intense when applied wet,.

From the pictures, you can see that Laura Geller and MAC mineralize eyeshadow are similar glitter eyeshadow, but MAC with more glitter. Violet Voodoo is the only color without glitter.

Personally I love MAC more than Laura Geller. However, when Laura Geller Eye Rimz Collection is on sale, it costs 23 dollars for 4 colors, and MAC costs 21 dollars for 1 color. 

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