Review - LANCER Microcurrent Power Boost Device

3:16:00 AM

I got this Microcurrent Power Boost device from Nordstrom.

I love the way it vibrates my skin, and makes my skin smooth. It uses vibrations and an electromagnetic force field to help tone and tighten the skin. I usually put the serum or cream on my face before using it to avoid it from dragging on my skin. I heard that it can reduce fine wrinkles, but since I do not have fine wrinkles, I use it to prevent wrinkles. After turning 25, girls should use more beauty tools to prevent wrinkles. DO NOT wait to "prevent" wrinkles after they show up on your face, because that is a little bit too late. I also like to to use it to massage my face and neck. I feel good and some of my lines are disappearing. It can help the serum and cream absorb well on my skin, and it also increases my skin's local blood circulation, while making my face feel less saggy and smaller. However, I need to mention that all the results are temporary.  You need to keep using it all the time so that you can maintain a good skin status. If you stop using it for a couple of weeks or even days, the results will disappear.

This is the typical order of my routine at night: clean the face with cleanser -- 1. Clean my face with Clarins toning lotion -- 2. Serum -- 3. Night cream -- 4.Use this tool to massage my face for 5-10 mins

Here is their description online:

"A revolutionary, first-of-its-kind tool using a combination of rare element metals, precise vibrations and an electromagnetic force field to help tone, tighten and invigorate the skin. The triple-treat helps condition skin at a cellular level to aid the health of the dermis.

The Microcurrent Power Boost's massage plate is made of pure Germanium, an extremely rare precious metal with unique electrical conductivity. It is powered by a technologically advanced motor that oscillates at precisely 6500 RPM. The action generates soothing waves of energy of uniform frequency and intensity. When it glides across the skin, the steady continuous mechanical stimulation temporarily increases local blood circulation. That increased blood flow brings oxygen and nutrients to the skin and whisks away toxins - necessary functions for healthy, toned and radiant skin."

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