Review - La Mer Cream

4:02:00 AM

As we know, La Mer cream is pretty expensive. For face cream, it's $155 USD for 1 oz. Is it worth it?

Since everyone's skin status is different, it is hard to say if it is worth for you, but it's worth it for me. It is extremely smooth, especially for dry, irritated or sensitive skin. When I moved to United States, my skin become much drier. La Mer cream does a great job at hydrating and it adds both moisture and elasticity to my skin. It can heal and recover my skin and impart a healthy glow. 
Frankly speaking, you do not need to use it every day. 3-4 days per week is totally enough. However, using it every day may keep your skin looking better. 

It cannot prevent wrinkles, but I do hear that fine lines are less noticeable after using it every day. You can also use other anti-aging serums or creams at the same time to prevent wrinkles. If you only care about moisture, it is a pretty good choice for you.


If you're in your 20s, it will keep your skin hydrated. But don't expect any "miracles" because you're not going to see instant results. In other words, if you want a good moisturizer, it may be a good option. If you want an anti-aging cream though, it’s not worth it. You can get a better product at its price, such as Fresh, SK II, La Prairie.

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