Review - La Mente Aurora Ceutical G7+

2:15:00 PM

The Japanese beauty device is so popular in Asia. This device provide four different functions:


- based on the idea of creating "positive -ion" and "negative-ion" in order to attract the dirt/ left over make up chemicals deep in your skin and "pull" them out by generating "positive-ion"; while the "negative-ion" helps to inject any water-soluble serum (such as vitamin C) to your skin, to ensure your skin deeply absorb these beneficial ingredients.

Sonic/ ultrasound

- offering 700MHz (meaning vibrating 700 times per second!) such high MHz per second imply it is ultra safe to use it on your skin. the vibration helps you to massage your skin, helps your skin to generate collagen and skin lifting.


- to increase blood circulation hence increase the speed of cell renewal Highly recommend this La Menete Beauty Instrument! I have been used it for 3 months. I can feel my skin rejuvenation. I will keep using it to help my skin deeply absorb the serum and lotion! :)

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