Review: Fresh® Products - Creme Ancienne, Black Tea Mask, Lotus Face Cream and Soy Face Cleanser

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1) Creme Ancienne 

Creme Ancienne Anti-Aging Treatment and Creme Ancienne Eye Cream

It is similar to La mer, even better! This is a great moisturizer for dry to normal skin. It is very thick, and rich, so I must warm it in my palm or fingers before putting it on my face. Or I can put it on my face first and then use my warm hand palm to warm it on my face. My skin feels soft, smooth, and moist for all day or all night after I use it. If I put it on my face at night, and the next day, I can see noticeable difference in my face. The skin is hydrated, less pore, and more healthy looking.

"Creme Ancienne is proven to reduce the depth and length of wrinkles, and provide instant, long-lasting hydration. Inspired by the world's first cream, each jar is hand-blended in a monastery to preserve its natural ingredients and rich history."

2) 'Black Tea Instant Perfecting' Mask

'Black Tea Instant Perfecting' Mask

It is my favorite mask. It's quite cool when I use it on my face. I usually put it on my face overnight, and when I get up in the morning, I can see that my skin has become very smooth! The pores on my face become invisible! 

3) Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream

Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream, 1.7 fl.oz

 This cream absorbs quickly into my skin and the fragrance is light and good. The skin feels smooth, soft and it can moisturize my face all day. This is new product. 

"Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream is a universal daily age-defying moisturizer proven to provide 24 hours of significant moisture. It is formulated with a proprietary Super 7 Complex specifically designed to minimize and prevent signs of aging, deliver intense hydration, and boost radiance. It is further enriched with maca root extract, noted for enhancing luminosity and cell turnover. "

4) Fresh Soy Face Cleanser

Soy Face Cleanser

This is a pretty good facial cleanser.It is very gentle and cleans my face quite well. It makes my skin feel soft and supple, but feeling clean. It can remove all my makeup without drying out my skin!
I love all fresh products!!!

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