Stuart Weitzman 50/50 Boots vs. Vince Camuto Karita Boots

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Stuart Weitzman Over The Knee 50/50 (Black) vs. Vince Camuto 'Karita' Over the Knee Boot (Black)

Are Vince Camuto Karita boots a less expensive version of Stuart Weitzman's 50/50 boots???

I'm wearing a Vince Camuto boot on one leg and a 50/50 on the other leg. Can you tell which one is which??? I will tell you the answer and their differences at the end. 

Can you tell? Haha, pretty hard, right? Ok, the answer is that the left one (on my right leg) is the Vince Camuto boot (the shorter one) and the right one (on my left leg) is the 50/50 (the taller one). They look so similar!!! I usually wear size 6 and ordered size 6 for both of them, and they fit perfectly!


  1. The calves with the 50/50 are more skinny than the other boots since the 50/50 are more tight on the top, and cover calves pretty well. (50/50: about 13" flexible circumference; Vince Camuto boots: about 14" circumference) 
  2. Both of them are over the knee, with the 50/50 being just a little bit taller. (50/50: 20.5" tall shaft; Vince Camuto boots: 21-1/2" height shaft) 
  3. Heel difference: 50/50: 1.75" heel; Vince Camuto: 1" stacked heel 
  4. The leather 50/50 is a little bit shinier and darker than the VC boots. The 50/50 leather is also smoother and softer. (Still pretty hard to tell this small difference) 
  5. There is a button on the top of each VC boot; 50/50 does not have any buttons. 


If you are looking for the Stuart Weitzmann 50/50 boots and want to pay $598 before tax (now it's $635), then go for it. 50/50 does a great job and makes your legs more narrow than any other boots. However, if you want a great deal (priced at about $150), but want to maintain the same quality, Vince Camuto is the best option! These boots are beautiful, soft, comfortable and classic! Basically, Vince Camuto Karita boots are just a less expensive version of Stuart Weitzman's 50/50 boots!

Where to Buy Them? 

Nordstrom, Macys sell both of them. 
Stuart Weitzman 50/50 BootsVince Camuto Karita Boots 

Stuart Weitzman 50/50 Boots (Black) on the left, and Vince Camuto Karita Boots (Black) on the right

Stuart Weitzman 50/50 description online:

A favorite style for good reason, Stuart Weitzman makes his 5050 boots look and feel great, with leather from the front, and move-with-you flexible backs that work with tights, leggings or jeans. In luxe nappa leather, they are built for the long run.
  1. Leather/other upper, leather lining, rubber sole 
  2. Made in Spain 
  3. Round toe; pull on with stretch back 
  4. 1.75" heel 
  5. 20.5" tall shaft, 13" flexible circumference 
  6. Available in full and half sizes 
  7. Please note: Shaft height and circumference may vary by size. 
Stuart Weitzman 50/50 Boots

Vince Camuto 'Karita' Over the Knee Boots description online

  1. Long and lean. Vince Camuto's Karita tall riding boots feature a tall shaft made of trendy mixed materials. 
  2. Leather/man-made upper 
  3. Almond closed-toe riding boots 
  4. Shaft: 21-1/2" height, 14" circumference 
  5. 1" stacked heel 
  6. Man-made sole 
  7. Please note: Shaft height and circumference may vary by size.

Vince Camuto 'Karita' Over the Knee Boots

In case you need it, I put a Size Chart here, so you will know which size you may order :)

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  1. Great comparison! Thanks for posting. I didn't think the Vince Camuto one was so similar, I'm definitely considering it seriously now.

    1. I'm glad you like my post :) Stay tuned for more!

    2. Now VC boots are 25% off. Check it here:

  2. This is a great comparison piece! Thanks so much for all of the details. I've been wanting some over-the-knee boots but SW are just way out of my price range. The VC boots look just as good to my eyes and I have a feeling they will end up in my closet soon!

    1. Glad you liked the post :) Yeah – I think the VC boots are great, but you'll see for yourself soon!

  3. hi, are VC boots easy to put on just like 5050? And I wear euro38 for 5050, what size i should pick for VC?
    thanks sooo much for this useful post :)

    1. Thanks for reading my post :) I think VC boots are easier to put on than 5050 boots, since 5050 boots are so tight on my legs. I usually wear U.S. size 6 and ordered size 6 for both of them, and they fit perfectly! (U.S. Sizes 6 = Euro Size 36.5)

      Since Euro Size 38 = U.S. Size 7.5, you may order U.S. Size 7.5 for VC.

      I hope it helps :)

  4. I recently got VC Karita boots and was thinking if should I have bitten the bullet and splurged $600 for SW 50/50! Your post makes me so happy that I got VC!!! Thanks for the clear pictures and such a great post! So useful for people looking for a pair of chic OTK boots!
    Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style-Delights Blog

    1. Glad you liked the post :) Yeah – the VC boots are great, but unfortunately now they're all sold out.

  5. Hello thankyou for this post!!! I have done my research for months now on the Stuart \Weitzman 50/50 Boots an di couldn't come to terms with spending that much money, so went around and around looking for other similar ones but nope nothing would as well or the stretchy bit was so hard and no stretch at all weird right??? so just to prove myself wrong I was hoping that if I tried the SW 50/50 ones on in the black leather that they wouldn't be everything that they are hyped up to be, boyyyyyyyyyy was I wrong!!! I went into the Stuart Weitzman Boutique we have here in Melbourne Australia, I live very close to the city! and I was hoping praying to god that wouldn't like them, as they cost near $1000.00 here the mark up is very high in Australia. and not fair they fitted me like a glove not fair at all I fell deeply in love with them couldn't get them out of my head I would dream of them. so Yesterday yay I invested in these beautiful timeless boots! they are amazing! anyone that is iffy about them nothing comes to comparison with these boots, the style, feel, quality and how they feel when you wear them you just have to have them!!!! if I could wear them everyday and to bed I would!!!!!

  6. and really they are worth the splurge as you wont have to buy another pair like this again for a long time!!!! save your money and buy the pair!!!! So WORTH it!!!!

  7. Hi! Thank you for doing this comparison! :)
    Did you end up keeping both of them? If so, can you please let me know how they are holding up?
    I am especially curious how the leather on Vince Camuto Karita boots are holding up.

    1. I kept both of them, but I did not wear them a lot. I've only worn them a few times per year, so they're both in great condition.